Awaking the Giants| Alex, Jeffery, Jonathan, Paul, Zeky!

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You may find all of the links mentioned in the interviews for the special episode #50 on this page!

These are some of the people who most inspire me on my own online Journey!

Also, it was the episodes and interviews I did with them that you liked the most!

I have gathered 5 amazing marketers, to answer only 3 questions!

Listen, and find out what were their answers!

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The first guest was non-other then Zeky Ahmed!

Zeky was trying to make the online game work for so long, without any success…

But after years of struggling, in only 7 months he finally geared up, have seen MASSIVE success with affiliate marketing, and went on to leave his job!

Recently, he has launched his awesome software CommentFunnels (which, spoiler alert, I will get for you if you get enrolled in giveaway tomorrow!) and went on to have amazing results with his own product as well!

Zeky’s FB group

Zeky’s FB profile

The second guest was one and only- Alex Eliot!

The second guest is one of my greatest online inspirations and one of my best online friends, one and only- Alex S Eliot!

In only one year, she has managed to turn her entire life around, going from debt to making multiple 6 figures online! :O

She is also one of the most genuine and awesome people I’ve come to know!

Alex’s FB group

The third guest was a dear friend of mine, Paul Grey!

The third guest is a good friend of mine, Paul Grey!

Paul is working full time online, and is running his awesome digital agency!

His areas of knowledge are great as he is wearing many hats, and is often my go-to person if I want to learn something!

Paul’s FB profile

Paul’s Agency

The fourth guest was now already a living legend- Jonathan Montoya!

The fourth guest in tomorrow’s episode will be the force of nature Jonathan Montoya!

People just LOVED our episode on Affiliate Journey, and I’m sure you are going to love this one as well!

Jonathan has what seems like a golden online touch!

Whatever he has started in the last 10 months, he had success with!

Be it Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, FB- group, you name it!

He isn’t stopping, and he is seeing success after success!

Jonathan’s YouTube Channel

Jonathan’s IG

Jonathan’s FB group

But wait, we are not over just yet!

If you were impressed so far, wait until you hear about the 5th guest!

I want to hear a round of virtual applause for Jeffery M Banek, the Funnel Doc himself!

If you are looking for achievements, then look no further!

His record of success is staggering!

He made over 10 million dollars with one funnel, and went on to get 3 more two comma club awards! (one million with one funnel)

And on top of all, he is the super humble and genuine guy!

Jeffery’s Website

Jeffery’s FB Group

Jeffery’s FB Profile

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