Successfully growing and monetizing your Facebook Group with Alex Elliot

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In this episode of Affiliate Journey With Miodrag Milenkovic I sat down with awesome, unique and super enthusiastic Alex Elliot!

She was an affiliate marketer and is now making the transition into full entrepreneurship after she had launched her new product –One Group Away Challenge; in which she teaches how to successfully launch, grow and monetize your Facebook group!

She grew her group in 3000 members in just over 6 months, and made amazing 45k in affiliate commissions!

What you will learn:

  • How to grow and monetize your Facebook group.
  • How to attract new and the ‘right’ people into your FB group.
  • Super hacks of reviving your dead and unengaged FB group.
  • Why are Facebook groups new email lists.

Resources mentioned in the interview (Alex):

Facebook group

One Group Away Challenge

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