About me

Hi, Miodag here!

I’m host of Affiliate Journey podcast, founder of Meta Affiliate Coaching and course, and multiple 5-figure business owner (at the time of me typing this.)

I have created this podcast, to help affiliates on their journey, by sharing one of my own, and by some of the most succesfull people I met in our industries.

Podcast is there to help guide you, and make you a better marketer.

As far as this website on which you are on, it’s here to help you connect with the guests and what they are curretly doing, by providing you places to do so.

“Affiliate Disclosure: I am an affiliate of the Super Affiliate Accelerator and other programs you might find in the show notes. I am not a
paid employee. I may receive a commission if you click one of the links, buttons, or images on this page & then elect to purchase a product(s) from that link. I believe in only promoting products of the highest quality that I have tested. Any and all products recommended on this page are of the highest quality & will help
you with your online business.”