How to avoid overwhelm (why clarity should come first!)

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When I was first starting out with affiliate marketing, I would often get tones of content in my head; I would try to learn everything there is to know about, well everything, which would, as one might imagine, cause information overload.

*But to be honest, when you don’t have much context and knowledge, it’s hard to differentiate from valuable, valuable to you, and content you need at the moment.*

Anyway, so much content consumption (untargeted), only makes you overwhelmed, frustrated and wandering around like a headless chicken.

I had that problem for quite a while.

After enough headache, I did what everyone who wants to move forward in anything has to do…

I questioned my beliefs and everything I have learned thus far (which was easier with enough context.)

I let go of the teachings that haven’t served me and put my focus on what did.

After that, you. Must. Find. Clarity!

A couple of ways to do that are:

  • Be specific in what is your primary goal.
  • Get even more specific in how you want to do it (everybody has a different path, and you must choose the one that suits your needs).
  • Choose only one path.
  • Choose one person to fallow that is an expert or has achieved the desired result you are longing to achieve.
  • Lastly, consume content that is only one step ahead of you.

So when I decided to launch my podcast, I had a firm grasp on what I wanted to do and achieve (read I had clarity.)

The first step, I decided was researching the mic I would use for the recordings. I did only that until I had one!

Next thing I did was researching the camera for video recording of the podcast.
Again, I wasn’t trying to do 5 things at the time, only that one step.

After that, I knew I had to find a platform where I’ll host the podcast, so with clarity, my focus was only on the very next step.

The list goes on and on…

And the point is, only, and only after you have clarity on what it is that you want to achieve, will your path, and your next step be clear.

From there on, you just take one tiny step at the time.

One day at the time.

Before you know it, you will be looking back, wondering how you got on the other side of whatever it was you wanted to achieve.

Here’s a concrete example which a lot of marketers (arguably all? ­čĄö) could relate to:

Let’s say you want to grow your email list.

For that, you would obviously need an autoresponder.

The first logical step would be for you to go on and research the one that best suits your needs.

Only after you have picked and tried one, can you move forward.

The second step could be researching the market that you want to serve (creating your customer avatar.)

After you’ve done your research, and have your customer profile, you would locate their pain point which you can help them with.

So the third step is likely fulfilling on that promise (it’s you creating eBook, mini-course, or whatever you find suitable, so that they may download it in exchange for their email address.)

You should do this, not only for your business but for every area of your life.

For without clarity, you will just randomly be doing things, procrastinate, and feel overwhelmed.

I would know.

Many times, when I had no idea of what to do next, I would just consume more content; which would further cause even more overwhelm (it’s really a vicious cycle.)

Brandon Burchard, when he was researching the high performers from all walks of life, came to the interesting revelation.

The first and the most important trait they all have in common is CLARITY.

That’s why it is the first habit listed in his book ‘High performance habits.’

I think I’ve made my point.

All that’s left for you to do now, is act on it.