What To Do When The World Is Falling Apart?| Featuring Jenna Madden

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The entire world is going on close down. Businesses are being shut, jobs are being lost, people are being afraid… and for a very good reason!

I believe a lot of things will shift in the world because of this whole situation. But you don’t need to sit by and see what happens. Be proactive, and do the best to your ability!¬†

In this episode of Affiliate Journey, I set down with Jenna Madden, and we discuss what you can do in these hard times to thrive, instead of being paralyzed and stuck!

What you will learn:

  • How to find your passion and tie it to online business!
  • How to find the ROOT CAUSE of your problems!
  • What to do if you have lost your job in the Corona outbreak?
  • What should you do if your business was impacted by Corona?

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