Skyrocket Your Online Business In 8 Months| Featuring Mario Pajaj

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In today’s episode of Affiliate Journey, I set down and spoke with amazing Mario Pajaj!

He took the leap of faith, and what a lot of people would call straight-up stupid (so did he), he has managed to make it work.

He has left his job, without having any money or online success prior to that, and stood on his fit. Not only that, he became wildly successful in less than 8 months!

Now, he is helping others do the same!


We did yet another episode, which is episode #104 on how you can start closing high ticket sales even if you have never made a low ticket one.

Mario has now done multiple 6 figures, and is well on his way to 7 figure business!

What you will learn:

  • How to become better at selling online!
  • Little known truth that gurus don’t want you to know!
  • What it takes to earn 6 figures in less than 8 months!
  • Do you REALLY need an email list?

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