The Art Of Passive Income featuring Spencer Mecham

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In this episode of Affiliate Journey With Miodrag Milenkovic I interviewed a living legend, Spencer Mecham.

Spencer is a full-time affiliate marketer, who has made over a million dollars with only Click Funnel commissions and left his job in under two years of doing affiliate marketing.

He has the most affiliates signed up under him, and he’s won not one, but 2(!) dream cars as affiliate rewards!

His famous courses (which will be linked in down) have helped over 5 other people to win dream cars with Click Funnels as well!

What you will learn:

  • – Top strategist of how beginners should approach affiliate marketing!
  • – What mistakes should you avoid as beginner in affiliate marketing!
  • – We went over his mistakes, and what helped him persevere when he saw no results in beginning.
  • – One of my favorite things were his tips on how to avoid overwhelm and distractions which are now usuall part of our everyday life!
  • – Lastly, he shared his secrets of how he has achieved extraordinary success with email marketing!

If you want to find out more, be sure to listen to the full episode on any platform that you are listening, or you can listen to it here!

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Spencer’s website

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