Making Affiliates Great Again| Featuring Tracy Chalmers

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Tracy is a business transformation strategist who specializes in helping service-based entrepreneurs identify and implement income-building strategies to make 6 figure leaps in their business!

She shows them how to get crystal clear and focus on the behaviors and strategies that make them money while aligning with who they authentically are.

On our interview, we have dedicated a big portion of it on how affiliates can use the exact strategies and grow their businesses!

What you will learn:

  • What skills helped Tracy to become top affiliate earner in the companies she was promoting!
  • How knowing the product you are representing can make the huge difference, especially if you chose only one to start with!
  • Difference in your copy on organic vs paid ads.
  • How being valnurable and hitting the right pain points of your audience can help draw the ‘right’ people in, and sell more products!

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