Leaving Your Job To Be A Full-Time Affiliate Marketor With Zeky Ahmed

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We have all heard that success comes after failing enough times…

But Zeky proves it!

In this episode of Affiliate Journey With Miodrag Milenkovic he reviles how his many years of failure actually led to his fast success!

After only 7 months(!) he left his job and has become a full-time affiliate marketer, and in this interview, he shares his secrets of how he had achieved it!

What you will learn:

  • How to best leverage not having a product at the beginning, and how to choose one!
  • How to successfully grow your facebook group in a matter of months!
  • The common mindset 7 figure earners he interviewed have that helped them in their success!
  • What lies underneath the ‘cliche’ of adding value, and what’s the best way to do just that!

Resources mentioned in the interview (Zeky):

Facebook group

Instagram profile

DotCom secrets book

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